We assist in the areas of HIV Testing, Prevention for Individuals at Risk for HIV, and Policy.


We assist in the areas of HIV Testing, Prevention for Individuals at Risk for HIV, and Policy.

  • Testing

    Linkage & Partner Services: Partner Services for HIV-positive persons and their partners to connect both recently diagnosed individuals to care and HIV negative individuals at risk to prevention services.

    Internet Partner Services: Using technology such as social media apps to conduct partner services.

    Community-based Testing: Providing training and technical assistance to conduct HIV testing in non-clinical settings.

    Home Testing: Exploring options to allow clients home testing.

    Novel Testing Technologies: Evaluating rapid testing technology (such as Determine); pooled RNA testing; 4th generation lab testing.

  • Prevention for Individuals at Risk for HIV

    PrEP Integrating PrEP into current HIV testing strategies; implementing PrEP within a STD clinic.

    PEP Implementing PEP within a public health setting.

    Personalized Cognitive Counseling Training counselors to provide personalized cognitive counseling for episodic substance use.

  • Policy

    Harm Reduction Engaging with multiple community stakeholders (such as police departments and community organizations) to implement harm reduction strategies.

    Jurisdictional Planning Developing strategies to better align prevention and care planning efforts, especially for underserved population, for example utilizing evidence-based resource allocation models. 

    Data to Care Analyzing epidemiological, behavioral, and other relevant data such as HIV-related syndemics and social determinants of health to support HIV prevention program implementation.

How can we help?

Our capacity building assistance is tailored to your needs. Whether you’d prefer to have us do an online webinar, a virtual convening of peers across the country, or an in-person training, we will work with your team to determine what you’re looking for and the best way of getting it to you.

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