Test-to-PrEP: Bringing PrEP into your HIV Testing Strategy


Interested in learning more about how PrEP initiation fits into current HIV testing strategies? Join us for a webinar on HIV testing in the era of PrEP to find out more about how to choose which HIV test to use at screening vs. follow-up; how to come up with an HIV testing strategy that’s financially sustainable for your health department; how same-day PrEP initiation works; and how to incorporate PrEP initiation into your practice with a focus on ruling out clients who may have acute HIV.

Presentations will include the Houston Health Department’s approach to incorporating PrEP into their HIV counselor contracts; the Tennessee Department of Health’s HIV testing program and how they are using it to inform their PrEP referrals; and San Francisco Health Department’s shift to incorporate PrEP referrals into existing HIV testing and counseling strategies.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify HIV testing technology that currently exists
  • Describe which test to use at screening and which to use for follow-up for clients on PrEP
  • State how to talk to a client about PrEP and HIV testing
  • Determine how existing testing programs could be used to identify potential PrEP candidates

We will end with a Question & Answer session along with an overview of how your health department can get free assistance on building capacity in high impact HIV prevention. We encourage everyone to follow along and ask questions on Twitter using the hashtag #PrEPTalkSF. You can find a recording of the webinar here and access the slides in our resource library.

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