We provide free, customized, peer-to-peer capacity building assistance in high-impact HIV prevention to health departments across the U.S.

We provide free, customized, peer-to-peer capacity building assistance in high-impact HIV prevention to health departments across the U.S.

Our team of experts in HIV Testing, Prevention with Individuals at Risk for HIV, and Policy work with your health department on any needs you may have in these three topic areas.We can provide capacity building assistance in three ways: information dissemination, technical assistance, and training. Some ways we can help are: through peer-to-peer mentoring, site visits, resources and toolkits, online learning communities, webinars, and live chat office hours.

Our goal is to help your health department implement high impact HIV prevention strategies in your jurisdiction.

How we help:

  • Online & In-Person Training

    We provide online training through webinars and customized training sessions via videoconferencing, as well as in-person trainings that are suited to your needs. Some examples of our trainings include:

    • A webinar on how to incorporate PrEP into your HIV testing strategy
    • An in-person training of trainers on Personalized Cognitive Counseling, adapted to Episodic Substance Users
    • A collaborative online training with health department staff on joint jurisdictional planning via videoconference
  • Customized Technical Assistance

    Our technical assistance strategy incorporates a peer-to-peer mentoring model with a focus on what your health department needs and who can best provide it. If we’re not the right team, we’ll connect you with experts who are. Some examples of the technical assistance we’ve provided include:

    • Strategizing on how to target HIV testing to certain populations in your jurisdiction
    • Working with health departments around policy and logistics of starting a PrEP clinic
    • Helping script a conversation for health departments to talk to providers in their jurisdiction about PrEP
  • Information & Resource Sharing

    We’re happy to share tools, resources, and protocols that our faculty have developed in their HIV prevention work. Examples of some of the resources we can share include:

    • San Francisco Health Department’s PrEP training materials for counselors 
    • A slide deck explaining PrEP access and financing
    • Policies and Operations Manual for HIV/HCV testing in community-based settings
  • Building Partnerships

    We’re excited to host a number of opportunities that allow health departments to partner with each other and share best practices. In addition to providing technical assistance on health department/CBO partnerships, our CBA program also hosts a number of learning communities for health department staff. Please contact us or visit our Learning Together page to find out more.

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