NHAS Update to 2020 Released!

The White House released an update to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy today, with a renewed focus on expanding the HIV Prevention Toolkit and improving the HIV Care Continuum. The San Francisco Department of Public Health’s CBA Program can offer your health department support around PrEP, Data to Care and improving outcomes along the HIV Care Continuum. We’re one of 3 cities in North America that’s a part of the Fast Track Cities Initiative to reduce transmission, increase viral suppression and bring stigma and discrimination to zero. See how we can support your HIV prevention efforts below!

How can we help?


Build Provider Capacity to Offer PrEP through provider training (eg. assessing eligibility, insurance coverage, prescribing, and counseling), face-to-face and virtual communities of practice, provider directories, and outreach to community service providers.

Create “Data to PrEP” programs by integrating STD and HIV surveillance data to target PrEP to those most in need; training Disease Investigators and incorporating PrEP messages into partner services.

Foster Community Engagement through social marketing campaigns, identification and enlistment of popular opinion leaders, and in-person and online outreach strategies.


Data to Care

Build Provider Capacity to Develop a Data to Care Program that can identify individuals out of care, conduct partner services, and navigate out-of-care patients back into care.

Assess Internal and External Training Needs and support the development and delivery of trainings respective of identified need; facilitate discussions among health departments to share experiences in developing Data to Care programs.

Foster Community Engagement by designing strategies that include patients, clinicians, non-clinical providers, and others in all stages of programmatic development.

Share San Francisco’s Experience in using HIV Surveillance Data to determine if reported HIV+ tests are new or already known HIV infections, if not-in-care patients are receiving care elsewhere, and if named sex partners by newly diagnosed patients are HIV negative or already positive.

Contact our CBA Program Manager, Gary Najarian, to find out how we can support your HIV prevention efforts! | 415.437.6226

Check out the updated NHAS below!

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