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Promoting PrEP Through Online Learning Collaborative

The Project PrIDE Learning Community is here and ready to launch! The Project PrIDE online e-learning collaborative is a one-stop destination for providers to share knowledge about PrEP/PEP and Data to Care via textual discussion, audio and video. This highly active learning community was created to engage frontline HIV providers in sharing best practices about PrEP/PEP and Data to Care and to nurture relationships in promoting peer-to-peer learning. The first collaborative is focused on PrEP/PEP implementation in San Francisco and 12 jurisdictions across the United States; the second is a partnership with the San Francisco Frontline Organizing Group to support their expanded HIV navigation efforts. This online learning collaborative gives folks the ability to network with multiple organizations to provide innovative support in the development, implementation and evaluation of their PrEP/PEP and Data to Care programs!

There is no doubt that there are many materials available on the Internet that inform and encourage HIV frontline providers on how to link high-risk individuals to PrEP, but searching for these materials can be such a headache!! Within our customized learning community, members have access to dozens of documents, videos, toolkits, training manuals and publications that are specific to their program needs. If they can’t find what they are looking for, fear no more! With one of the highlighted features, participants can simply drop a post in the “news feed” and get what they are looking for from one of their colleagues.

Additionally, the interactivity within our learning community will allow members to work collaboratively and with ease on assignments in one centralized area. Members assign tasks to each other, monitor project timelines and provide and comment on project status updates. The best part of it all is they don’t have to worry about 10 different versions of one document because with the online work group feature there is only one live-working document.

There’s a great deal of excitement around PrEP and PrEP implementation. Equally important are the myriad of challenges but also opportunities that different jurisdictions face in implementing PrEP. Our hope is to create a community where we can share those stories and learn from one another so that we can do our work in a more meaningful and effective way across the country. Our hope is to be innovative in the technology we use, effective in how we share resources and lessons learned, and proactive in forming relationships with our HIV prevention partners. Launching this learning community is one step in making that happen.

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