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Shifting Strategies & Systems in Response to the HIV, HCV, and Substance Use Syndemics


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The epidemics of HIV, HCV and substance use are increasingly recognized as syndemics, or synergistic epidemics, affecting overlapping populations and exacerbated by common vulnerabilities. Addressing these intersecting epidemics requires novel community-based approaches to the integration of services.

In this webinar, Katie Burk and Thomas Knoble from the San Francisco Department of Health will provide background on the HIV, HCV and substance use syndemics, their work in developing integrated community-based HCV and HIV testing capacity in San Francisco, and lessons learned in testing integration efforts applicable to other jurisdictions.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
• Understand the overlapping nature of the HIV, HCV and substance use epidemics in San Francisco and the U.S.
• Describe at least three advantages to non-clinical, community-based HCV rapid testing.
• Identify three strategies to prepare the non-clinical workforce for integrated HIV and HCV testing.
• Name two potential barriers to implementing non-clinical HCV testing.
• Identify three priority action items to move toward better integrated HIV and HCV testing in their respective jurisdictions.