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The Power of Learning Collaborations – Project PrIDE


FULL VIDEO (12:35)


getSFcba had the privilege of hosting a Learning Collaborative among the 12 U.S. jurisdictions participating in Project PriDE- a 3-year CDC-funded demonstration project. Project PriDE activities were focused in two categories:

Category 1: Expanding PrEP uptake and access among men who have sex with men of color and transgender persons at risk for HIV

Category 2: Enhancing Data to Care efforts focused on the use of HIV surveillance and other data to identify individuals from these populations who are living with HIV, but are not in care, and attempt to link, engage, or reengage them in HIV medical care.

These videos capture some key learnings from the participating jurisdictions and highlight the role of the PrIDE Learning Collaborative to support peer-to-peer sharing of what worked, and what didn’t, to advance Project PrIDE’s goals.