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Introduction to Academic Detailing



Bevin Kathleen Shagoury; National Resource Center for Academic Detailing (NaRCAD)

This presentation includes a basic introduction to academic detailing (“AD”). This introduction illustrates the big picture elements of the strategy of academic detailing, delineating between AD and other methods of provider education. NaRCAD also covers the logic and rationale for using AD, citing original studies that prove its effectiveness and flexibility, as well as providing a context for its use in primary care settings, where busy front-line clinicians need best evidence provided to them in an easy-to-use format via an interactive dialogue. The presentation addresses the success of adapting AD interventions across diverse clinical topics, with an emphasis on its use to promote increased prescribing of PrEP and improved sexual health education, prevention, and screening. This presentation will end with a transition into the core learnings of the Public Health Detailing Institute of February 14th – 16th 2018.

Click here to access a recording of the webinar presentation.